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China’s Unilateral Action On South China Sea Threatens Regional Stability – OpEd

China’s aggressive policy to build small islands on the South China Sea, ignoring territorial claims of fellow nations in the region, is hitting Pacific nations at a more visceral level, bringing anxiety over security. Asia-pacific region remains a flashpoint as China is gradually trying to expand its control over the common sea territories in South […]

A maritime game of chicken in East Asia

SINGAPORE: The US appears to be moving toward a military test of China’s claims of sovereignty in disputed areas of the South China Sea, and officials here seem pleased that President Obama is prepared to put more muscle into his famous “pivot” to Asia. The US has been briefing Asian allies about its new readiness […]

South China Sea Decision Up to Lawmakers, Admiral Says

U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. Scott Swift speaks during an interview in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015. Swift says it’s up to policymakers in Washington whether his sailors patrol within 12 nautical miles of newly constructed islands claimed by China in the South China Sea, but they are ready to do so if […]

U.S. Pacific Fleet Waiting For Orders

The Commander of U.S. Pacific Fleet, Admiral Scott Swift says that it is up to the policymakers in Washington whether to give orders to the country’s sailors to patrol within 12 nautical miles of the newly constructed islands claimed by China in the controversial South China Sea. While speaking during an interview on Thursday, the […]

Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea: What to Watch For

It is widely expected that in the next several days, the United States will conduct a freedom of navigation exercise near China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea. The Obama Administration has been debating the use of freedom of navigation operations (FONOPS) in the Spratly Islands for several months, and a public debate on […]

Vietnam’s maritime sovereignty claims in line with UNCLOS: US expert

Hanoi’s claims of sovereignty in the East Vietnam Sea are consistent with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), while Beijing has tried to change the status quo in the maritime area, a U.S. expert has said. There is no evidence showing that Vietnam is conducting island construction activities in the […]

Asia-Pacific: Unofficial lobbying in Canada highlights battle over South China Sea

An aerial photo shows China’s efforts to fill in Mischief Reef to create land in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. I was speaking to a leading academic about Canada’s efforts to engage Asian countries when the topic of “track II diplomacy” came up. The term describes informal contacts between people representing different […]

PLA’s carriers under construction to be deployed to Hainan

Once they are completed, China plans to deploy its first two domestically built aircraft carriers to the southern island province of Hainan in anticipation of potential conflict over the disputed South China Sea, the nationalistic tabloid Global Times writes. Liu Huaqing, former commander and strategist of the PLA Navy, said as early as the 1980s […]

Projecting Power in the South China Sea

Beijing’s land reclamation in the South China Sea has prompted reports that the U.S. Navy will soon conduct freedom of navigation exercises in the area. If they pass within 12 nautical miles of China’s artificial islands, American vessels will directly challenge Beijing’s expansive maritime claims. Read more: http://www.wsj.com/articles/projecting-power-in-the-south-china-sea-1445533018

China’s Lighthouses in the Spratlys

In May 2015, China began construction of lighthouses on two of the features it occupies in the Spratlys, Cuarteron Reef and Johnson South Reef. The lighthouses, employing cylindrical and cone-cylindrical designs, respectively, are 50-meter-high towers constructed of reinforced concrete that officially began operation on October 9. Each tower has been designed to cast its white […]