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China May Owe The Philippines $177 Billion In South China Sea Rent & Damages

hina owes the Philippines and other countries more than $177 billion in rent and damages for the South China Sea fiasco. The Permanent Court of Arbitration found on Tuesday that Mischief Reef is a low-water elevation and within Philippines’ exclusive economic zone. This gives the Philippines’ indisputable legal rights to the reef. But since 1995 […]


THE Netherlands-based Permanent Court of Arbitration has set on Nov. 24 the start of the hearing on the merits of the Philippines’ arbitration case against China’s sweeping claim over nearly the entire South China Sea, even as Manila vowed to pursue the case to the end. Foreign Affairs spokesman DFA spokesman Charles Jose said the […]

Don’t Believe China’s South China Sea Case Statement

The Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) ruled on late Thursday (October 29, 2015) that it had jurisdiction over a case filed by the Philippines, which contests China’s claims to nearly 90 percent of the South China Sea. In response to the aforementioned PCA’s decision, on October 30, 2015, China released the Statement of the […]

Permanent Court of Arbitration Issuance on the Arbitration between the Republic of the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China: Arbitral Tribunal Establishes Rules of Procedure and Initial Timetable

The Arbitral Tribunal in the case brought by the Republic of the Philippines against the People’s Republic of China under Annex VII to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (“the Convention”), has issued its first Procedural Order, establishing the initial timetable for the arbitration and adopting Rules of Procedure. This follows […]