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Negotiation—Not War—Can Resolve China’s Conflict With Japan

Sino-Japanese relations do not look promising at the moment. Obviously, the Diaoyu-Senkaku dispute is not the only factor in play, but it does focus nationalist passions on both sides. Yet both countries are capable of wiser conduct if their leaders can manage to rise above the dangerous temptations to beat military drums. As China and […]

The True Crisis in the Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific’s most dangerous crisis may be going overlooked due to North Korean threats. Despite the Obama administration’s ‘pivot’ to the region, Asian allies worry that the United States will not continue to be a steadfast partner. North Korean bombast has been using up all of the oxygen in the Asia-Pacific, but what may be […]

Asian powers urged to resolve territorial disputes

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has called on Asian countries to resolve territorial disputes in order to ensure peace in the region. Tensions between Japan and China escalated last year, after Tokyo bought a chain of islands in a disputed part of the East China Sea. Separately, overlapping claims to the South China […]