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Taiwan and the South China Sea: More steps in the right direction

Since then, Taiwan, one of the six claimants in the South China Sea dispute along with China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei, has moved to take additional positive steps, most notably, officially launching a South China Sea Peace Initiative. In a climate where much of the news on the South China Sea has been […]

Taiwan builds a lighthouse in South China Sea

Taipei, Aug. 16 (CNA) Taiwan is building a lighthouse on Taiping Island (also known as Itu Aba) which will be completed by the end of September, the Maritime and Port Bureau said on Aug. 7. Reaching 13.7m above sea level, the lighthouse will have a range of 10 nautical miles. It will also be automated […]

Confrontation looms as two fortresses rise in South China Sea

MANILA: — In just two years, China has poured billions of dollars into reclamation work and military structures on three reefs in the contested Spratlys, implying that it is there to stay. Recently it warned the United States not to attempt to stop the construction, or “there will be war”. China needs oil badly. Without […]

Is the US advocating a ‘two-state theory’ in South China Sea?

The US secretary of defense, Ashton Carter, has said the US will continue to patrol the South China Sea and fly across the Spratly reefs occupied by China as international waters. It’s clear that the US has determined to push for the “two-state theory” in the region. The US has always tried to avoid touching […]

Common Threat To Cool Dispute Between Taiwan And The Philippines

Taiwan and the Philippines are arguing again about fishing rights in overlapping waters of the Western Pacific. But the dispute that netted three Taiwanese boats in the 250-kilometer-wide Luzon Strait last month will stop short of a flare-up like that of two years ago when Manila’s coast guard shot a Taiwanese fisherman to death at […]

Taiwan coast guard launches new ships as South China Sea tensions rise

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan – Taiwan’s coast guard on Saturday commissioned its biggest ships for duty in the form of two 3,000-ton patrol vessels, as the island boosts defenses amid concerns about China’s growing footprint in the disputed South China Sea. The new vessels will be able to dock at a new port being constructed on Taiping […]

Taiwan’s president to propose peace plan for disputed waters

TAIPEI – Taiwan’s president will propose a peace initiative on Tuesday to resolve territorial disputes in the South China Sea that have put Beijing at odds with its neighbors and with the United States, the official Central News Agency reported. It said President Ma Ying-jeou’s plan would be along the lines of his 2012 proposal […]

Taiwan offers South China Sea peace plan

Taiwan proposed a peace initiative on Tuesday to resolve territorial disputes in the South China Sea that it says will reduce tensions that have put Beijing at odds with its neighbors and the United States. The South China Sea Peace Initiative announced by President Ma Ying-jeou called on claimants to temporarily shelve their disagreements to […]

Lifting the Veil on Asia’s Greatest Fear: A Deadly Arms Race

Last month, Thailand’s navy requested funding for a submarine program which, when finalized, will make it the region’s eighth submarine-equipped nation—joining Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, and Australia. The Philippines, Thailand, and Bangladesh, meanwhile, have all expressed interest in acquiring submarine fleets. As tensions in the South China Sea continue to escalate, this arms race […]

Taiwan against moves that would undermine peace in South China Sea

Taipei, May 13 (CNA) Taiwan called for relevant countries Wednesday to avoid any action that could undermine peace and stability amid the simmering tension in the South China Sea. The Foreign Ministry made the remark in response to a recent visit by high-ranking officers of the Philippines to one of the islands in the Spratly […]