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‘Confucius’ on the South China Sea dispute

If you walk around the Chinese garden section of the Luneta Park, you would find a statue of China’s most important teacher, Kong Zi, or more popularly known under his Latinized name, Confucius. From the moment the Han dynasty officially made his thoughts the ideological cement of society, Confucius has served as the symbol of […]

China and America’s Dueling South China Sea Papers

Beijing is fast approaching a Dec. 15 deadline to submit its defense in the arbitration case against its South China Sea claims brought by the Philippines. That case, brought under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea’s (UNCLOS) compulsory dispute mechanism, is summarized here. The Chinese government has no intention of taking part […]

Beijing slams Manila over S. China Sea case

BEIJING: China on Sunday again rejected an attempt by the Philippines to challenge its vast territorial claims over the South China Sea through international arbitration, a week before a deadline for Beijing to respond to the case. The Philippines infuriated China in March by filing a formal plea with a UN tribunal challenging Beijing’s maritime […]

China: PH legal case weak on jurisdiction

MANILA, Philippines – China accused the Philippines of violating and abusing international law by filing a legal case it rejected on technical grounds. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the People’s Republic of China released on Sunday, December 7, a position paper explaining why China is rejecting the Philippines’ arbitration case on the South […]

Philippines urged to survey Spratley Islands before its too late — China’s building and reclamation changing the South China Sea

China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea can ‘make it impossible’ to settle the Philippines’ historic case against the Asian giant, a US-based analyst says MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines should work with Vietnam in “accurately surveying” the Spratly Islands in the disputed South China Sea before China completes its artificial islands in the […]

Will Vietnam follow PH and file case vs China?

Security tensions in the South China Sea have flared up again when Vietnam’s naval vessels collided with Chinese ships on Wednesday, May 7, in a serious attempt of Hanoi to prevent Beijing from stationing a US$1-billion oil rig, HD-981, in the Northwest Triton Island of the Paracels. For Vietnam, the location of China’s oil rig […]

Towards a Strategic Framework for Management of the West Philippine Sea: A White Paper by the WPS Informal Expert Group

Tensions among rival claimant-states to the waters and land features of the South China Sea (SCS) – particularly China, the Phihppines and Vietnam – have escalated significantly in the last several years, bringing the Philippines to center stage as a key participant in the future of security and stability in our part of the world. […]