Taiwan wants in on Philippines-China sea talks


MANILA, Philippines – Taiwan wants to be included in multilateral talks on the South China Sea, saying it has turned out to be a “victim” of the ruling by a UN-backed arbitral tribunal dismissing China’s “nine-dash-line” historical claim as “illegal.”

Gary Song-Huann Lin, representative of Taiwan in the Philippines, said the July 12 ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) has seriously impinged on the legitimate rights and national interests of Taiwan over the South China Sea islands and adjacent waters.

“By pointing out the drawbacks of the tribunal ruling, I have no intention to challenge the stance of the Philippines. What I want to indicate is that the decision has further complicated the South China Sea situation,” Lin said in an article he wrote titled “The End of a Stable Pacific Era and Taiwan, ROC Should be Included in the Multilateral Dialogues for the Peaceful Settlement of the South China Sea Disputes.”

“Contrary to the common belief, the ruling has caused more difficulties and implications for the resolution of the South China Sea disputes,” he said.