The American with a dream of becoming a Chinese citizen


‘I don’t hate America or dislike America,’ new Chinese green card holder Brent W says. ‘I just love China and Chinese people a lot more’

Eight years ago, he moved to China from the southeastern US state of Florida to take a job as a chief representative with an online Hong Kong company.

Today, he lives happily in Dongguan, an industrial city in central Guangdong province, with his wife, whom he met in Dongguan in 2010 and married a year later, and her daughter from a previous marriage.

Last month, Brent W – he declined to disclose his full name because of his online work combating financial fraud – achieved an important milestone: he obtained the vaunted “green card” that is emblematic of his status as a permanent resident and his right to live and work permanently in China.

Brent W and his then-new Chinese wife Tu Hui in 2011. Photo: Brent W
It also put him on track towards achieving his ultimate goal: becoming a Chinese citizen.

“Although America is a great place, different things appeal to different people,” Brent W said.

His pursuit of Chinese citizenship comes as Beijing doubles down on a policy of zero tolerance for dual passport holders – an action left unexplained by the central government.