The Dutch frigate in the South China Sea is a wrong signal


The Communist Party of China celebrates its centenary on Thursday, July 1. With the centenary, the party is trying to legitimize its monopoly on power. After all, it has ruled China for many decades without allowing elections or political opposition. Exhibits, specials, and feature films for the population show how the party rescued the country from the chaos and poverty that had plagued China for so long.

France Paul van der Putten He is the coordinator of the Chinese Clingendael Center and the author of China’s Resurrection: From Prey to Global Power.

The message is that the Communist Party has repeatedly proven itself as the savior of the country, and therefore the only one fit to continue to lead China into the future. Whoever leads China has a huge impact on the rest of the world. So a good understanding of what the Chinese Communist Party wants and is doing is essential for the Netherlands to determine how to respond to China.

hard line
The Dutch government adheres to the China Common Policy within the European Union, but recently sent a frigate to the South China Sea as part of a British-American fleet. This is not the correct response to China.

The United States offers a destroyer and dozens of F35 fighters sailing aboard the British ship, the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth. As far as China is concerned, the UK is increasingly on the same page with the US, which has a very large military presence at sea and with many allies in Asia.