US-China relations losing ground the more China reclaims


China and the United States had a heated exchange over the South China Sea issue originating from comments made at the Asia Security Summit or Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore from May 29-31, where the main topic since 2011 has been the maritime territorial dispute.

The US defense secretary, Ash Carter, said during the forum that China’s accelerated land reclamation on disputed islands in the South China Sea has “become the source of tensions in the region.”

Carter called for a halt to land reclamation activities by all countries that claim territory in the South China Sea, and reiterated that the US “will fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows.”

Beijing took a more proactive position at the summit this year after the head of its delegation Wang Guanzhong, a deputy chief of the PLA’s General Staff Department, faced tough criticism from the US and Japan last year.


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