US maintains call for peaceful resolution of sea dispute


THE United States reiterated its call for a peaceful resolution of the South China Sea dispute following China’s release of military recruitment video that seemed to warn other nations.

“I think what will promote stability in the region are legal and peaceful means to settle disputes and the US feels very strongly about that and supports those efforts very much,” US Ambassador Philip Goldberg told reporters at Villamor Air Base on Monday on the sidelines of the turnover of 10 brand new choppers for the Philippine Air Force.

The 4-minute, 23-second video posted on YouTube early this month showcased China’s assets such as warships, submarines and fighter jets.

“Struggle over maritime rights have never ceased. We shall never yield even the tiniest bit of our resources,” a part of the translated subtitle of the video read.

“I think that our position has been clear that the way to settle disputes in South China Sea is through legal, peaceful and diplomatic means. That’s why we have the Philippines’ effort to bring the case before the ITLOS, UNCLOS. That’s why we have supported a code of conduct to better lay out the rules of the road because ultimately what we should all be seeking are rules-based, legal-based solutions to the various claims, not the use of force or threats or any kind of coercion,” Goldberg added.

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