Vietnam Flays China’s Position On South China Sea – Part I


The South China Sea (SCS) has emerged as one of the major flashpoints with a host of countries making claims to parts or the whole of the area. The reason behind this dispute is because of the results of a report some years ago that testified that the area contains huge amounts of oil and other resources. Of the about half a dozen countries making territorial claims, China, Vietnam and the Philippines are three countries that are locked in bitter fights over the area for their claims. Of the three, China is making its greedy U-shaped or nine-dotted line that covers over 80 per cent of the SCS and as such has maritime dispute with Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.

Background Of China’s Territorial Claims

The background to China’s ambition and plot in the SCS can be understood in a historical perspective. China claims that it discovered the islands in the Han Dynasty in 2 BC. The islands were claimed to have been marked on maps compiled during the time of Eastern Han dynasty and Eastern Wu (one of the Three Kingdoms).

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