World War 3 WARNING: Expert reveals SHOCK reason why ‘conflict is MORE likely than ever’


THE world could be on the brink of a devastating conflict because the US is not a society organised for “war, conquest and foreign policy” and the country’s recent disinterest in global issues has sparked instability and chaos around the world, a documentary claims.

Last December, US President Donald Trump ordered a full and rapid withdrawal of US troops from Syria, declaring victory over ISIS in the war-ravaged country. Since then, the move has met widespread condemnation, including criticism from within Mr Trump’s own government. On Friday, an official familiar with the latest assessment reported that the Pentagon believes that ISIS could re-emerge and take back territory in Syria within months if the US does not maintain military pressure on the terror group.

Despite the criticism, the American firebrand does not seem to have changed his mind and the US is currently in the process of withdrawing land forces from Syria, who should be out by mid-Spring.

The US involvement or “disinvolvement” in the Middle East is one of the many examples included in 2017 documentary “Is American in Retreat?”, which claims that the US has entered a new era of “isolationism”.